Corporate Digital Signage


Display helpful information using digital signage — including announcements, events and updates


Promote employee communication across departments and teams


Keep employees safe and updated on financial reports, traffic, weather and emergency information

Create a Cohesive Work Environment
From executive offices to the factory line and beyond, solid internal communication is crucial to creating satisfaction in enterprise employees and technology can be the catalyst for immediately impacting the lines of communication. Displaying information on corporate digital signage — including video walls, touchscreens and mobile devices — can quickly create a cohesive work environment and make visitors and employees alike feel informed throughout the corporate campus. Digital corporate communication networks update in real-time allowing you to connect employees with the outside world, displaying live feeds of important information such as financial reports, traffic, weather and emergency information. Introduce workplace digital signage solutions such as wayfinding, lobby check-in, and safety updates displayed in the break room or warehouse to improve the overall quality of each visitor’s time and experience. Get the most out of digital assets already being produced, such as web pages, emails and announcements, by repurposing them for corporate digital signage.

With corporate environments quickly transforming into digital workspaces, companies are under increasing pressure to instantly deliver clear and relevant content to stakeholders. When properly executed, a stronger sense of trust emerges among staff members, commitments to organizational objectives are reinforced and the enterprise evolves into a more flexible organization with a confident ability to adjust to emerging trends.

Reaching beyond dynamic display content, smart, sensor-rich digital solutions provide deep insight into how employees and visitors are using the physical space throughout the campus. By gathering and analyzing patterns and behaviors, pathing and dwell areas, truly optimize employee communication by determining placement and messaging of workplace digital signage, personalizing and controlling the relevancy of the flow of information.

Further, in today’s corporate environment, it’s more important than ever for employees and management to have access to business-critical information in real-time. Display dashboards of real-time performance data visualization on any screen, including video walls, desktop and mobile, to keep employees and management informed at all times through. Digital signage for internal communications also opens a wide array of collaboration and engagement opportunities to improve remote participation.