Healthcare Digital Signage


Introduce digital solutions to drive convenience and increase sales from the pharmacy drive-thru to the check out aisle


Drive brand awareness and customer loyalty through interactive digital solutions that are engaging and informative


Reduce costs by introducing technology that improves operational efficiency, quality of care and patient experience

Improve Operational Efficiency, Quality of Care and Patient Experience
Whether customers are visiting a pharmacy, doctor office or hospital, they are looking for a mix of convenience and trusted personal care, and there are many ways digital solutions, such as healthcare digital signage, can improve the experience — from the drive-thru pharmacy to the check-in counter, lobby and back office. Further, there is ever-increasing competition for market share and gaining shoppers’ loyalty. Digital signage software for hospitals and healthcare can play a big role in proving that your brand is taking strides to understand its customers and personalize their experience.

Introducing technology including hospital digital signage solutions, tablets and touch screen kiosks can reduce operational costs while at the same time improving efficiency, quality of care and patient experience. Scala’s platform is intuitive to operate and update while digital displays ensure accurate information is being conveyed to patients and employees at all times reinforcing patient confidence in their healthcare choice. Employees can then focus on other tasks when patients receive information from hospital digital signage, self-service and wayfinding kiosks.

Digital makes an impact on doctor offices and hospitals for visitors, patients and healthcare staff alike. Healthcare and hospital digital signage software has the ability to update screens in waiting rooms and can immediately impact the patient experience by informing while entertaining – displaying relevant office information, showing real-time wait expectations, integrating with live news feeds and videos while wayfinding kiosks can help them quickly find their destination, easing frustrations. For employees, hospital digital signage solutions and tablet-based tools keep staff in sync and informed of wait times, database information, protocols and training.