Grocery Store Digital Signage


Modernize the grocery store experience with the latest in marketing technology solutions


Utilize digital signage to feature products on cold vault doors and update prices via inventory database integration


Harness real-time analytics of your customer’s shopping behaviors for improved engagement

Engage Shoppers with Digital Signage
Scala’s marketing technology and grocery digital signage can help transform and revamp your customers’ trips to their favorite local grocery store. By implementing the latest in interactive digital signage, grocery stores can engage with their customers in new ways, offering conveniences such as touch screen kiosks, informative digital menu boards and self-check out. Scala’s flexible content management platform allows grocery store managers to adapt to changes such as product inventory and pricing in real-time, giving new flexibility in in-store optimization. Scala empowers grocery store operators to drive shopper activation using rich media and interactive engagement through an integrated full range of digital solutions that create new sales and upsell opportunities and optimize the customer experience in real time.

With digital signage, grocery store operators can use engaging visual media to attract customers to new products and current sales. Since Scala’s grocery digital signage platform makes it easy to edit, change or remove items in real-time, grocery store digital signage and displays can also communicate prices and items to customers in the deli or seafood sections while staying up to date with current inventory. Scala also gives grocery store owners the ability to improve store operations by optimizing pricing in a high-volume retail environment. Store managers can use a tablet to monitor and manage products via inventory database integration and set minimum or maximum price limits for items. When alerted to low or expiring stock, the price can be instantly and easily adjusted, promoting faster sales and reduced food waste while mitigating revenue loss.

Via our in-store data and analytics platform, Scala brings a high level of intelligent, dynamic responsiveness into grocery stores that have never been seen before through grocery store digital signage. Utilizing existing in-store Wi-Fi, the Walkbase platform gathers actionable insights through highly advanced mobile tracking, mobile messaging and artificial intelligence-based mobile ad targeting systems. Retailers gain insight into deep data on preferences, location, price sensitivity and basket sizes via shopper smartphone and browsing behavior, allowing grocers to send more timely, relevant promotions to in-store shoppers, optimize marketing campaigns, update pricing, market relevant content to in-store shoppers and remove uncertainty from inventory management. Walkbase can also provide valuable insight into store operations, staffing allocation, product layout, and store design. Gathering these analytics is an incredibly powerful tool for personalizing guests’ visits, as well as improving store operations, gaining deeper insight into buying patterns that arm the grocery store operator with predictive intelligence. Customers are creatures of habit especially with their purchasing patterns and their grocery store list, there is a lot of insight to be gained that can impact a positive store visit.