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Promote and improve brand loyalty with the latest marketing technology


Deliver memorable digital guest personalization during every visit


Implement and utilize insights and suggestive sell

There is high competition for market share in quick-service and fast casual restaurants, and guest expectations of high quality extend beyond the food to the overall restaurant experience. Was service fast and the order accurate? Was the experience seamless, inspiring repeat visits and a loyal customer? Scala’s marketing technology and restaurant digital signage offers a bespoke solution that will address your project’s goals including operational efficiency, convenience and improved speed of service for your QSR. We’re creating smarter restaurants using our in-house technology and analytics platform to gather insights about your restaurant, customers and staff, enabling personalization and suggestive selling on digital menu boards for restaurants.

Digital Guest Personalization
With advances in technology, the term “digital restaurant menu” does not just encompass a menu — it is so much more. Restaurant digital menu displays throughout the interior, including customer-facing displays such as touch screen kiosks, offer new opportunities for customer interaction including meal upgrades and upsell, ultimately increasing the average check. Extending technology into the drive thru, our outdoor digital signage menus and displays open the opportunity to advance your drive thru experience. Using our platform, restaurant owner/operators can easily manage pricing, menu selection, LTOs, nutritional information and dayparting to optimize the ordering process.

Deliver an Advanced Guest Experience
When partnering with Scala, clients have a single partner with a full scope of in-house technology. We have a diverse set of capabilities — including indoor and outdoor digital menu boards for restaurants, media players, content management, services and support, reporting, automated suggestive selling. With the Scala platform, clients can spend more time in the planning phase to consider what the customer journey looks like. Scala understands that bringing tech into a restaurant comes with risk, but through marketing, IT, development at scale with minimal duration and operations support, Scala helps to mitigate that risk. The enterprise, vertically integrated approach gives restaurant operators the peace of mind to know they have one point of contact for a single technology platform so they can do what they do best, run restaurants.

Advanced or predictive ordering capability is also possible by detecting behaviors and patterns in store visits of known guests’ devices - those who have “opted in” via Wi-Fi or the store’s own mobile app. Gathering these analytics is incredibly powerful for personalizing a known guests’ visit, as well as improving store operations, gaining deeper insight into buying patterns that arm the retailer with predictive intelligence. The technology is available to have sensors, in the drive thru DMB fixture for instance, detect that a device is there and tie it to the guest’s order - allowing you to upsell or even have the order ready for pick up when the guest arrives. People are creatures of habit especially with QSRs, and there is a lot of insight and learning to be gained that can directly impact a positive store visit.

As traditional advertising becomes less effective, and guests are inundated with promotions, restaurant digital signage is shedding new light on promotional strategies and communication methods. Enhance the customer experience with interactive digital menu displays for your restaurant. Whether used for informational messaging, advertising, entertainment or architectural ambiance, these digital signage displays can transform the experiences of dining, working and socializing.

Five Best Practices for QSR Drive Thru

As leaders in drive thru technology, Scala can help you plan and implement your own drive thru!

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