Basic-Fit implemented Scala Software to deliver their impressive Virtual Fitness Experience concept to more than 800 locations across Europe. It is a complete solution that consists of an LED video wall, a powerful sound system and a colorful LED lighting set, using lighting control system scripts (DMX). With this equipment, any room is transformed into an immersive fitness experience, all managed and distributed by Scala.

Virtual fitness experience


Goal: Easily and efficiently communicate with hospital visitors by improving upon existing digital signage network


Challenge: Implement a way to share important corporate, health and wellness messaging, including messages that are specific to different locations, during a global pandemic


Solution: Partner with full solution provider Scala to create a new easily managed digital signage network


Result: An effective communication platform that has improved brand awareness, conveys critical, timely information and is well supported.

The Challenge

Basic-Fit wanted to implement their Virtual Fitness Experience as well as digital signs throughout the gym floor in each location. Since each club has a different layout and floor plan, the complete set up had to fit any physical environment while maintaining a consistent look and feel. It was also important that the system was reliable and included complete standalone functionality, as each fitness club is managed by only one or two staff members. Finally, the management of group lessons had to be simple because of the large number of available time slots and locations.

The Solution

First Impression designed a complete solution that consists of an LED video wall, a powerful sound system and a colorful LED lighting set. With this equipment, any room is transformed into an immersive fitness experience. The virtual lessons, including audio and lighting control system scripts (DMX), are all managed and distributed by Scala.

Additional portrait-mode displays, with an average of eight 55-inch displays per club, are strategically placed to maximize visibility for people exercising in the club. These displays show automatically updated class schedules for: • the virtual and live lessons for that location • current weather • inspirational fitness content • current promotions and news updates.

For club members’ convenience and planning, a countdown timer to the next available lesson is also displayed.

2300+ Scala media players were integrated with multi-language support and metadata to allow current messages and content updates with outside circumstances such as the weather. The players can be updated all at once, per country, per region or individually.

The Result

The flexibility and stability of Scala software supported all customer requirements while delivering an easy-to-manage digital signage network. For example, in an attempt to save power and reduce costs, Scala software made it possible for each Virtual Fitness Experience location to have operating times to ensure that the system was active during designated open-hours of the club.

First Impression created an intelligent back-end system in which the customer can schedule live and virtual lessons. The scripts allow the Virtual Fitness Experience system, tailored displays, external website and mobile app to automatically update the lesson schedule. First Impression successfully installed the Virtual Fitness Experience in over 800 Basic-Fit locations across Europe. With the implementation of the Scala platform, Basic-Fit is able to offer their customers premium services and a full range of exercise options with minimal staffing resulting in lower subscription fees.

The use of digital signage displays connects the club community by displaying current information, the group lesson schedule and positive customer feedback on social media.

Basic-Fit continues to increase and improve their digital signage as a satisfied customer of the Scala platform.

Basic-Fit Case Study

Read the full Basic-Fit virtual fitness case study.

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Thanks to the flexibility of the Scala Platform, we were able to fulfill all of our current requirements with a system that is future proof by being able to add more features as we move forward.
Koen Wouters
CIO at First Impression

about Basic-Fit

With 2 million members and over 800 clubs, Basic-Fit is one of Europe’s market leader in the value-for-money fitness market. The company is active in some of Europe’s most attractive markets: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Spain.