Interactive Education Digital Signage


Entertain while informing with live news feeds, weather reports and sports updates


Capture the attention of overstimulated students and make sure the most relevant information is reaching your target audience


Centrally control messaging while allowing individuals, departments and organizations to easily contribute their own

Digital Signage for Education
Capturing the attention of a generation of students who are constantly connected to and respond to digital communication requires innovation and modernization via technology. It is important to remember that audiences on campuses are inundated daily with new information. Introducing innovative digital solutions and digital signage for education such as wayfinding kiosks and mobile apps helps deliver a high-quality educational experience throughout campuses and classrooms. Recent studies have shown that the average attention span is just eight seconds and with a broad scope of information being shared, so capturing the attention of your audience is vital. With the Scala platform and digital display screens for schools, it is easy to keep students engaged while making sure that relevant information is reaching your target audience.

Scala delivers a stable, flexible and easy to use platform, allowing campus administrators to empower individual students, staff, departments and student organizations to easily contribute to and collaborate on a campus-wide communications network while staying consistent with university brand standards. Instant updates on digital signage for schools ensure that time-sensitive information such as emergency messaging – critical for today’s schools – class and scheduling changes and even live news updates are reaching your audience. The digital strategy can be extended into fitness center displays, digital menu boards in the cafeteria and individual classrooms to ensure everyone on campus is fully connected all the time.

Control messaging centrally while allowing individuals, departments and organizations to easily contribute from their own devices gives students and faculty the ability to easily create school-branded messaging using ready-made templates. Make sure your student body is informed and up-to-date by instantly refreshing schedule changes, public transportation news, special activities, alerts and results on digital signage for schools. Even entertain your audience with live news feeds, weather reports and sports updates.

Scala possesses a robust platform that is prepared for any situation that may occur on campus. Link to existing applications such as Intranet and scheduling systems to automatically send information to the digital display screens for schools in real-time to ensure emergency alerts are instantly reaching everyone on campus. Introduce innovative solutions such as interactive touch screens, social media integration, and wayfinding kiosks to make for a complete education experience.