Convenience Store Forecourt with DS


Increase food sales and customer loyalty with strategically placed digital menu boards


Attract customers from the fuel pump to inside the store


Introduce digital solutions to improve speed of service, customer experience and convenience throughout the store


Offset labor challenges with technology focused automation and efficiency solutions

Drive increased sales with digital signage solutions
Digital signage and solutions improve sales, convenience and loyalty by delivering an experience that is faster, more relevant and overall more valuable both inside and outside the convenience store. Make the best of dwell time in the forecourt, using digital signs to inform customers about your brand, promote the benefits of your loyalty app and drive visits inside the store. Today’s customers have many options when deciding when, where and how they want their quick-stop food order and pickup experience to go. Digital solutions help convenience stores win food sales market share and drive repeat visits — by engaging and informing at the forecourt, moving customers throughout the store, making checkout faster and more convenient. Quick service restaurants and, increasingly, grocery stores are using technology such as digital menu boards, ordering kiosks and app integration to increase sales and customer visits. Convenience stores can quickly get up to speed with lessons learned on digital solution implementation, optimization and scaling throughout your stores.

Introduce digital menu boards
The number one opportunity for convenience store owners and operators to drive food sales and loyalty is to introduce digital menu boards at key points of communication throughout the store. Comps are proven to increase when customers shop a modern store with the speed and convenience of clearly communicated menus, promotions and LTOs. Digital menu boards show your menu offering with optimal clarity, with attention grabbing images and video. A digital menu board strategy allows you to make updates in real time, such as highlighting breakfast items in the morning, or changing the menu based on dynamic factors such as weather, traffic or product supply. Make pricing and promotion changes in real time, optimizing digital menu board content based on current in-store conditions and customers, driving increased sales.

Offset labor challenges with automation
When there are day to day challenges with labor, convenience store technology and digital solutions deliver automation and relevance that offset these challenges. Customers expect a consistently valuable, convenient and familiar experience no matter which location of your convenience store they frequent. Digital signs and menu boards allow content to be updated in real time across all digital devices, ensuring that the consistent experience is maintained under any current in-store circumstances. Technology such as self service kiosks in the made-to-order area free up employees to focus on other customer experience-focused tasks, such as cleaning up aisles and restrooms, restocking and keeping the checkout line moving.

Digital solution innovation
The possibilities are endless with digital solutions in any part of the customer’s convenience retail journey. Slim form factor, attention grabbing shelf edge displays allow you to modernize in-aisle merchandising, make real-time pricing updates and capture attention to promote high margin products. At a critical point of convenience, digital displays improve order pickup by clearly displaying order confirmation, status and facilitates getting the right order to the right customer with high efficiency. Digital solutions allow you to level up loyalty. Personalize the convenience store visit for known customers by displaying relevant selections, suggesting complementary items or promoting the benefits of your convenience store loyalty program.