Financial Digital Signage


Deliver a convenient, informative in-branch banking digital signage experience while reinforcing the branch as a trusted advisor


Promote relevant services and timely messages to inform and entertain customers during dwell time


Provide concierge-level service and one-to-one personalization to loyal customers on any screen, driving brand value

Evolve the In-Branch Experience
From the customer service counter and back office to the branch drive thru, marketing technology and financial digital signage solutions are a trusted way to accurately deliver timely, relevant information to customers in the bank branch. Digital signage in retail banking — from street-facing screens to touch screen kiosks, counter displays and mobile — has been proven to capture customers’ attention and increase their recall of information, branding and services promoted. It has also shown to consistently increase the customer’s likelihood to recommend what they’ve seen to friends and family up to 86% when they are exposed to digital bank signage in the branch. In the financial world, where there’s time-sensitive information constantly updating, a stable digital platform is essential to keeping that information flowing.

Scala’s marketing technology improves the experience across all customer interactions using digital banking solutions in the banking branch – ATM screens can feature personalized messaging to a single user, self-service kiosks offer convenience and speed of service and large-scale video walls can stream financial news, highlight current rates and services, making an immediate impact by reducing perceived wait times. Outdoor digital bank signage helps guide customers through the drive thru ATM service while community boards located inside the bank keep guests informed on local neighborhood announcements and news. Digital signage for financial institutions provides the means to entertain and inform customers, reinforcing a sense of community, loyalty and trust in their bank. Studies show that when a branch features financial digital signage, 87% of customers say their bank is trustworthy and 90% say their bank is experienced.

Display Branch-Specific Content using Digital Signage
Scala has the tools and expertise to help retail banking locations reinvent their brand communications by seamlessly delivering these in-branch experiences and reinforcing the institution as a trusted financial advisor. Our digital engagement technology for finance has been proven to enhance the customer experience, driving brand relevance and product awareness, while changing behavior and delivering ROI. We provide the platform for retail bankers to easily create and centrally manage deployment of these digital experiences, while retaining the flexibility to rapidly adapt to local business conditions and audience preferences in real-time.

In-branch consumers shift preferences toward digital channels when banks are able to deliver products and services with custom, relevant content. Beyond a stable, secure digital signage network, digital signage in retail banking opens opportunities to offer concierge-level, personal in-branch experiences to loyal customers. Through our in-house analytics platform, banks can learn deeply about their customers’ patterns, behaviors and preferences, then deliver personalized offers and services based on rich online/offline customer profiles and in-branch location. Using data to personalize marketing across all digital signage systems, branches can improve operations via real-time analytics and reporting.