Cloud-based digital signage solution in Singapore

Scala Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a cloud-based digital signage solution, offering the complete suite of sophisticated Scala Content Manager tools on a subscription basis. This affordable and highly flexible solution allows you to drive powerful digital marketing for your business while greatly reducing the complexity and overheads of launching and managing your digital signage network.

In addition to SaaS, Scala goes a step further to offer fully managed services via managed SaaS (m-SaaS), providing additional support by supplying the full suite of content management services. This hassle-free approach enables you to focus on your core business.


Efficient and convenient cloud-based digital signage

Scala Content Manager & SaaS
Scala Content Manager is a web-based central server for content distribution, player network management and administration. Scala SaaS is a cloud hosted version of Scala Content Manager that provides efficient online management of your digital signage network.

Scala Designer & Designer Cloud
Scala Designer is a standalone application for creating designs with multiple layers, interactivity and data-driven information, to produce professional digital signage content. Scala Designer Cloud is an easy-to-use, intuitive, web-based composition and design tool that enables users to create beautiful, compelling and engaging digital signage.


Key benefits of Scala SaaS


Lower upfront cost

Subscription-based or pay-per-use model reduces initial costs associated with the development, installation and maintenance of software.


Hassle-free deployment

Set-up and licences are provided by Scala for instantaneous deployment.


Scalable solution

Suitable for businesses of any size.


Access anytime, anywhere

Manage content and other aspects of your digital signage anytime, anywhere through a web browser.


Accelerated feature delivery

Gain access to new features and updated versions automatically.


User-friendly interface

User-friendly dashboard provides easy management.

How digital signage SaaS works

Select the right subscription model for your business (SaaS vs. m-SaaS)

SaaS m-SaaS
Cloud-hosted subscription-based digital signage solution, without content management services. Cloud-hosted subscription-based digital signage solution, with content management services.
Customers take complete control of content creation, management and scheduling. Complete support from Scala on content creation, management and scheduling.
Customers easily manage their digital signage network anytime, anywhere with internet connectivity. Hassle-free approach as Scala will remotely manage customers’ digital signage network.
Easily fix issues from any location with internet connectivity 24 x 7 help available
Content management services are waived as customers manage the content creation and scheduling. Content management services are charged as Scala manages the content creation and scheduling.
No server hardware required onsite
No upfront costs
Automatic fixes, upgrades and new features available
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