Even with the rapid rise of e-commerce, consumers still flock to brick-and-mortar retail outlets owing to the unique shopping experience that they get in a physical store. For many customers, the essence of shopping in a retail outlet lies in the charm of touching, feeling, and trying out items before purchasing.

‘Lift and Learn’ elevates the touch and feel experience in a retail store. It is a simple, yet effective concept: the shopper picks up a product from the shelf, triggering a sensor to display the product information on a nearby digital screen. This enriches the touch and feel experience by allowing shoppers to interact with brands, view granular product details, compare items and guide their own shopping journey quickly and seamlessly.

Grow Retail Revenue With Digital Signage in Singapore - Infographics

Retailers can also use Lift and Learn technology to learn more about shopper behaviour and understand which products drive more interest and sales, as well as what kind of product information is most vital for customers in making a purchasing decision.

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