Entertainment & Venue Digital Signage

At a Glance

Keep guests informed and entertained through digital solutions
Harness valuable operations data such as dwell times and guest behaviors
Adjust messaging for greater interaction and visibility in real-time

Increase Engagement with Venue Digital Signage and Menu Boards

There are unlimited opportunities to improve the guest and employee experience in entertainment venues using a wide array of marketing technology — including venue digital signage and menu boards to immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences and personalized mobile engagement. From movie theaters to stadiums and amusement parks, our platform for creating, managing and deploying digital media allows venue owners and operators to keep guests informed while being entertained. Digital signage for venues also removes friction from the guest experience, keeping guests informed and entertained during wait times while driving revenue growth and convenience through service automation and personalization. For example, introducing relevant add-on purchases and services at self-service ticketing kiosks increases sales while giving guests a convenient solution for self-service.

Optimise Screen Content by Delivering Personalised Messages

Venue owners and operators have the opportunity to learn deeply about loyal guests and visitors, optimising screen content by delivering personalised messages on venue digital signage based on the current guests’ preferences, dwell patterns and behaviours. You can then understand how visitors are spending their time and money while in the venue, park or stadium and answer questions such as: how many people abandoned a long line? Which area of the venue has the longest dwell time? Knowing this information informs a marketing opportunity. Which area of the venue do guests visit first? Staffing allocation and operations decisions greatly benefit from this data. After deeply understanding how guests and employees are behaving, you can deliver offers and optimise experiences based on rich online/offline customer profiles and physical location.

Connect and Monetise from Entertainment Digital Signage

Implementing the most recent cutting-edge technology opens up new opportunities for stadiums, amusement parks, and movie theaters to connect and interact with their audience. Digital signage for venues keeps guests informed and also engages by offering social media engagement throughout the park. Deliver a memorable moment for your visitors as they send pictures in real-time to venue digital signage throughout the area. Digital displays can also provide an added source of income as they can be monetised through advertisements from local businesses and brands.

Improve Efficiency & Sales with Digital Solutions

Bringing digital into an already entertaining experience can attract and inform audiences while increasing engagement, interaction and brand experience. Digital signage for venues allows marketers to adjust and tailor messaging in real-time, ensuring relevance to current audiences. This includes menu board adjustments for an out-of-stock item, change of venue for a show, parking or ticket updates. With fierce competition in the world of entertainment, it is important to be committed to delivering a complete, fun-filled experience. Scala’s innovative digital solutions work seamlessly and unobtrusively behind the scenes while boosting sales and improving the experience. From movie theaters to amusement parks, entertainment venues have a lot of moving parts, and digital is proven to improve operational efficiency while reducing visitor friction, helping to quickly meet business objectives.