Exterior of a large stadium at night

At a Glance

Guarantee reliable, timely delivery of curated content to digital signage displays
Dynamically change rich-media content on any screen based on environmental triggers in real time
Rotating messages with eye-catching visuals on one large display

The Scala platform guarantees reliable, timely delivery of curated content to DOOH digital signage to enhance outdoor digital advertising for any project. Digital out of home signage and content acceleration deliver dynamically changing rich-media content to any screen based on environmental triggers in real time. Heighten the way your audience engages with your brand by implementing a scalable, smart solution prompted to adapt based on environmental factors. With Scala, you can easily display engaging high-definition product or brand messages programmed to change when a screen is triggered by the ever-changing outdoor environment.

The effectiveness of digital out of home advertising has been recognized for many years, but utilizing DOOH displays makes it a whole new medium. Instantaneous updates, rotating messages, and eye-popping visuals with motion all come standard with outdoor digital out of home signage. By switching to digital you can: eliminate the cost of regularly printing, distributing and updating giant signage; change messages every few seconds, with multiple advertisers rotating slots on one board; automatically vary messages by time of day, day of the week, even the temperature outside; let advertisers instantly vary certain programming (for example, a board advertising local TV news can promote tonight’s top story). Real-time updating ensures your message is current and relevant.