Retailers Prepare for Diwali

Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the festive cheer and joy of shopping is once again tangible with the re-opening of shopping malls and re-booting of economies. Delivering an excellent customer experience will be key for retailers to be successful in the new normal. Many fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), apparel and lifestyle companies are advancing their festive planning and promotions in anticipation of robust sales in the last quarter. In fact, most FMCG companies and retailers said festive-season offers have increased by 8-10% across physical and online retail compared to the same period last year.

Research shows that 82.5% of retail sales still take place in-store, and 66% of customers prefer to shop in physical stores. This is especially true in the jewellery industry, where jewellers at Zaveri Bazaar Mumbai are experiencing a heightened level of excitement as customers return to buy gold for the upcoming Diwali.

New Era of Experiential Retail

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into consumers’ lifestyles, leveraging digital integration to take shoppers’ experiences beyond what happens in-store has become increasingly crucial. Introducing digital signage solutions has been integral in helping brands to provide a holistic retail experience that aligns with the evolving needs of today’s omnichannel consumer.

Today, experiential retail is the key strategy to accelerate purchases, increase customer satisfaction and boost brand loyalty. Hence, many retailers have capitalised on innovative digital signage solutions to create an immersive and memorable shopping experience.

Digital signage enables brands to offer a personalised experience by analysing critical customer data and featuring targeted messages according to audience personas. In addition, interactive digital signage solutions such as self-service kiosks, digital fitting room assistants, digital shelf talkers and self-checkouts increases engagement.

Digital display screen for Retail

Digital Signage Boost Sales

This festive season, retailers are seeking new ways to captivate attention and engage with their target audience at every customer touch point to boost sales.

Let’s discuss how digital signage can help retailers in their festive promotions:

- Increase Footfall: Research shows that outdoor digital signage is more attractive and more noticeable than static signage. Digital signage captures 400% more views than static signage. Simply put, outdoor digital advertising is better than printed signage at turning passers-by into customers. It helps your business stand out in busy retail environments and helps to drive footfall.

- Capture Attention: High definition festive visuals with targeted messages create a powerful visual impact. Digital screens featuring eye-catching visuals and videos are much more effective in captivating attention and informing customers about new arrivals, limited time deals and more.

- Easy Wayfinding: Navigating large malls during Diwali rush hours can be stressful for shoppers. Deploy interactive wayfinding kiosks to direct shoppers to their desired location and provide useful location information such as the nearest washroom or coffee shop.

Wayfinder digital signage for Retail

- Increase Revenue: Retailers can leverage digital signage to run targeted advertising campaigns and cross-sell/upsell their products to customers during Diwali. A digital shelf talker that features detailed product information and offers product reviews also helps to accelerate purchase decisions and drive revenue.

- Build Trust: Brands can use digital signage to display safety messages and Diwali precautions to build a positive brand image amongst shoppers. Dynamic signage with personalised greetings at the entry and exit points can also add a pleasant touch.

Scala’s Digital Signage Solutions for Retail

- Digital Lookbook — Deliver enticing content in an interactive format and target customers with flexible content integration.

- Storefront LEDs — Capture attention and spark the curiosity of potential customers outside your store with enticing imagery and videos.

- Digital Standee — Utilise open spaces to become engaging advertisement outlets with vivid visuals and videos. Enhance the shopping experience with touchscreen displays.

- Video Wall — High definition video walls are a fantastic way to attract attention; perfect for relaying information to your target audience and broadcast all types of media.

- Touch Kiosk — Placing a touch kiosk at the store entrance encourages potential customers to interact with your store before entering through attractive and informative touchscreens.

- Window Display — Visually attractive window displays allow brands to showcase their bestsellers and lucrative offers. This captures customer attention and increases the likelihood of a purchase.

Scala provides effective and reliable digital signage solutions for retail stores. Make this Diwali special for your customers by deploying Scala’s digital signage solutions in your stores. Find out more today.


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Digital Signage Solutions for Diwali

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