Purchasing jewellery is a highly personal affair and more than 62% of consumers would prefer to buy jewellery in-store compared to purchasing them online, according to the latest research from De Beers Group.

It is imperative for jewellery retailers to offer customers a unique and personalised shopping experience to increase sales and boost loyalty.

Digital signage for jewellery stores enable jewellery retailers to craft a phygital environment and redefine the customer experience, helping to increase footfall, accelerate purchase decisions and build a positive shopping experience.

Jewellery Store Digital Signage Infographics

Today’s customers expect a personalised and seamless experience when shopping for jewellery.

Scala provides leading digital signage solutions for jewellery stores to improve customer engagement, enhance communication, deliver personalisation at scale and optimise in-store marketing.

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Jewellery Digital Signage Infographic

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