6 Reasons Retailers Should Adopt Interactive Digital Signage

By Scala Team

Nov 2, 2020

Retail is a highly competitive industry. Brick-and-mortar stores, small and medium-sized retailers often struggle to compete with the bigger players in the industry.

One way for retailers to compete and set themselves apart in this scenario is by investing in digital technologies that help create exceptional customer experiences.

Here are 6 reasons why retailers should invest in digital signage technology.


With new digital technologies, retailers are discovering new layers of value in communication and marketing. Digital signage is becoming a standard for in-store marketing, education, and engagement. But building a successful digital signage strategy calls for new types of content and interactive experiences for customers.

There are ample, stunning examples of how digital signage can elevate the in-store experience, attracting and interacting with customers in ways that have the potential to skyrocket the business of retail.

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