Dublin, Ireland

Fore Court and Convenience Retail Expo 2019

September 5

The Forecourt and Convenience Retail Expo 2019, taking place on September 5th at the Citywest Exhibition Centre, Dublin, will highlight the latest developments in this vibrant but highly competitive market-place. It will show how to improve the customer experience for time pressed consumers, as a means of attracting new business and guaranteeing return visits.

The Forecourt and Convenience Retail Expo will also provide an insight into changing consumer trends to enable operators to adapt their food offering and business models accordingly.

Due to changing demographics with people having to travel further but with less time to eat, forecourt and convenience retailing has become one of the fastest growing sectors of the Irish retail market. Attracting and retaining customers is paramount to this continued success.

Petrol retailers have been successful in growing their business by providing customer-friendly convenience stores at forecourt locations. However, a crucial element of the customer experience is the food choice on offer. Modern consumers demand convenience and are looking to source food anytime, anywhere.

While impulse sales of items such as confectionery, soft drinks and biscuits, remain important, the introduction of hot food and deli services is vital to maintaining footfall in the modern forecourt and convenience store.