Retail Digital Signage by Scala


Personalize the in-store experience with a wide array of technology including digital signs, augmented and virtual reality, mobile sensors, computer vision technology and artificial intelligence


Adjust marketing messages and in-store screen content in real-time, ensuring information and promotions resonate with current customers


Convert in-store shopper behavior insights into measurable, actionable data, such as how shoppers are spending their time and money in your store

The retail landscape is rapidly changing, and for leading brands, cutting through the media noise is key to attracting consumers and turning them into customers. Studies show that 70% of the human brain is used for sight — and marketing technology such as smart retail digital signage elevates the way brands engage consumers, drive sales and impact brand value. Influential shopper experiences need to be powered by an impactful digital communication through digital signage for retail — driving shopper attention and action. Scala powers millions of retail digital displays with retail signage software around the world, leading the wave of transformation in brick and mortar stores.

Digital Signage for Retail Stores

Digital signage and retail go hand-in-hand. Digital marketing solutions open the opportunity for retail stores to level the playing field with e-commerce — fighting for greater market share by bringing elements of online shopping into the store — while offering a memorable, personalized shopping experience. Before entering a store, shoppers have limitless access to information such as reviews, price comparison and extensive product details. They know that online, their shopping experience will be relatively convenient and informative. Yet shoppers are still coming to retail stores. Marketers have a unique opportunity to lean into this modern shopping behavior by delivering all aspects of online shopping in the physical space while delivering on a memorable, fun experience that inspires repeat store visits through retail signage software.

Personalize the In-Store Experience
Our in-store data and analytics platform, Walkbase, brings the same dynamic responsiveness of e-commerce to brick-and-mortar stores today. The platform takes raw data from multiple sources and turns it into actionable analytics in seconds, converting in-store shopper behavior insights into measurable, actionable data that can be applied to a shopping experience in real-time. You can gain deep knowledge about how shoppers are spending time and money in the store. With this information you can now answer questions you’ve never been able to before: How many people went past your stores and how many came in? What was their behavior in the store? Did they go to the shoe section or the grocery section first? What were the bounce, engagement and conversion rates? How about loyalty patterns? What are your shoppers’ preferences, patterns and behaviors and how can you convert that knowledge into increased sales and brand loyalty? Further, Walkbase can provide valuable insight into store operations, informing staffing allocation, product layout and store design.

Digital solutions allow retailers to deliver personalization at scale — adjusting marketing messages on retail digital displays to resonate with current customers. Sales associates’ tasks can be automated with retail digital signage solutions including robotics and self-service kiosks, freeing the associates up for customer service-related activities and tasks, assisting shoppers with product selection. Digital signage and retail solutions can also keep sales associates better informed about the range of items in the store via assisted selling solutions such as tablets equipped with product details, offering an elevated level of customer service and contributing to customer loyalty.

Transform Your Store with Digital Signage

Discover trends and growth opportunities in retail, and learn how to optimize in-store marketing.

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