Automotive Digital Signage


Highlight currently in-stock vehicles throughout the showroom floor


Display high-value assets on impressive 4K large format video to capture a buying customers potential interest


Trigger screens to show content that’s relevant to the current in-store demographic

Deliver an Impactful, Digital Experience
In the highly competitive and constantly changing automotive industry, retailers need to create an environment that immediately grabs the attention of customers and converts sales. Automotive digital signage can help achieve this by highlighting current in-stock vehicles throughout the showroom floor, displaying full-motion video and compelling images. Innovative retail experiences can also be incorporated to further engage shoppers, incorporating interactive touchscreen kiosks and personalized screen content to personal tastes. By extending the digital solution beyond the showroom and into the waiting room retailers can boost sales by promoting new vehicles, offering promotions on service offerings and amenities and offering advertising opportunities on auto digital signage. Sales associates can even trigger screens to show relevant content to the current in-store demographic.

Transform the dealership environment by installing touch screen check-in kiosks for customers to use instead of taking time away from salespeople and mechanics doing their primary jobs — selling and fixing automobiles. Reduce perceived wait times with auto dealer digital signage by providing entertainment to customers during dwell times, such as waiting for their car to be serviced or while sales associates are assisting other customers. Show high-value assets on impressive 4K large format video to capture a buying customers potential interest in upgrading their current deal. Communicate effectively using advanced marketing technology throughout the dealership, from welcoming guests in the lobby to informing employees of recent announcements in the break rooms, the showroom and even in the garage.

Using centralized content creation, distribution and management marketing technology, dealerships can launch content that satisfies a varied set of business and communication objectives while simultaneously targeting specific audiences on the appropriate automotive digital signage. Scala delivers seamless advertising, entertainment and communication possibilities to dealerships through advanced marketing technology.