Provide a frictionless customer experience

Scala allows marketers to create a more engaging ordering process by involving them in a fun and new way through marketing technology. By implementing solutions such as ordering kiosks, facial recognition technology, and entertainment concepts, service automation is perfectly versatile for a multitude of different environments. Service automation is effective in not only creating an appealing activity for guests but also allowing employees to focus on visitor interaction and operations.

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Automate tasks throughout the store or restaurant to streamline the customer experience and free up sales associates for other responsibilities
Create a memorable ordering experience, introducing emerging technology, used in a practical application, to optimize operations
Drive in-store efficiency by introducing technology (including robotics and computer vision), a key part of retail transformation
Gather shopper insights along every step of the ordering process, gaining valuable data on optimizing inventory, ordering process and digital display content
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Customer Insights

Analytics play a key part in enhancing and personalizing the customer experience, empowering retailers to learn deeply about shopping preferences and behaviors. Insights gathered are flexible and customizable to examine your KPIs and assist with marketing and retail strategy definition.

Concept Delivery

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Utilize our discovery process to analyze and implement the most optimal way to enhance the consumer experience
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Leverage strategic partnerships to bring digital display, sensor, mobile and emerging technology to a global market, at scale
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Integrate a flexible, intuitive platform for designing, managing and deploying digital content
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Work with a global professional services team with an extensive portfolio of skills; as well as the full range of Scala- and STRATACACHE-branded hardware