Webinar | The Investment Priorities of European Retailers Discussed

By Scala Team

Oct 20, 2021

Harry Horn explores how digital signage and Scala technology can answer the key points raised in his discussion with former Walmart executive Pavan Pidugu.

Last week I sat down (remotely) with Pavan Pidugu, former Leader of Digital Customer and Omnichannel Experience at Walmart, to discuss the findings of our European research report and what those findings may mean for retail brands as well as their customers.

The chat, moderated by Managing Editor of Retail Connections, Chris Field, is available to watch. It takes about an hour and covers a variety of topics raised by the research — the importance of optimizing data, supporting retail workers, personalizing the shopping experience and how retailers can protect themselves against business threats, whether those threats come from a global pandemic, freight and fuel issues or staff shortages.

I found our conversation optimistic and enlightening. As Pavan eloquently explains, bricks and mortar retail has always evolved and will continue to evolve with the way a customer feels about visiting a premises, an essential factor in ensuring the success of a brand. Experiential retail will continue to be a trend that will develop and retail technology has a key role to play in making those immersive retail experiences meaningful.

So where do retail brands get that data and how do they use it? The report reveals some of the strategies that retailers are looking to use over the next year and, our discussion on those points goes further. We talk about specific examples that we have seen already in the market. Further, we go into the ways in which technology such as digital signage, sensors and customers’ personal devices can all contribute to gathering crucial information, equip team members and ultimately provide customers with a retail experience that they will want to repeat.

If you’re interested in seeing specific ways in which digital signage solutions and pathway tracking technology can help assist retailers, we have created three use case solution papers. The topics covered in those papers are:

Take a look at the webinar and let me know if you think there is anything we have missed or anything about which you’d like to know more.