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Video | Walkbase Occupancy

By Harry Horn

Jan 19, 2022

With retailers across Europe telling us that they are looking at integrating occupancy management into their bricks and mortar premises, our Harry Horn demonstrates Walkbase Occupancy and looks at the ways it could benefit retailers of all types.

Occupancy management emerged as a key theme in Scala’s Europe-wide Retail Research Report. Tracking, managing and displaying the numbers of shoppers in store is a priority for almost half of those retailers who are planning on changing the layout of their bricks and mortar premises.

Smooth, seamless and reliable occupancy management is available when Scala digital displays are integrated with the Walkbase TREQ platform. Walkbase TREQ integrates multiple data sources and metrics to clearly show brands the areas in which they can make a real difference to their business.

Scala EMEA GM Harry Horn demonstrates how one component of the Walkbase TREQ platform, its high-accuracy occupancy technology, helps retailers. Also known as Walkbase Occupancy, occupancy management is just one component of the Walkbase TREQ solution. Find out more about Walkbase TREQ and the platform’s expertise in key business areas including traffic, merchandising, queue analytics and occupancy.

To find out more about how an occupancy management solution can work for your brand and the other digital solutions that could build your business, contact a member of the Scala team.

Written by Harry Horn

General Manager EMEA - Scala & Vice President Marketing Global - STRATACACHE


Harry Horn is an ever-curious digital expert, driven by a passion to use technology to make things better - creating convenience for customers, efficiency for businesses and less waste for the world. During his ten plus years at Scala, Harry has proved himself a master of retail marketing, driven by a passion for customer insight and using technology to deliver meaningful experiences.