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By Darren Cremins

Jul 14, 2022

For many customers, a visit to the showroom is an essential step in a car purchase. Darren Cremins explores how digital signage and solutions can enhance the shopper journey, offer key insights and better team communication in automotive retail.

As economic pressures increase, it is no surprise that shoppers are being more cautious when it comes to big ticket items such as cars. Whether it is new or second hand models, shoppers have a lot of options when it comes to buying a vehicle. Customers also come into the showroom with a lot more information, having explored online reviews, forums or videos and even browsing online marketplaces before setting foot on the car lot.

Digital solutions have a lot to offer automotive retail. From large format, high brightness exterior digital screens showing promotions or footage of the vehicles in action, to small tablets to help customers browse different options and customize their vehicle, digital solutions work at all points of the automotive customer journey. In addition to offering a versatile and convenient experience for customers, Scala solutions can also give automotive retailers key insights that they need such as the way customers walk around the showroom to which features are being explored and compared.

Customer experience is top of mind. And digital solutions modernize, impress and leave a more memorable impression than print signage (or no signs at all). A new vehicle purchase is no small undertaking, it’s expensive and there’s a lot of information to consider. Large format displays throughout the show room and waiting area keep customers informed, entertained and leave a much longer lasting brand impression.

Digital solutions, such as MediaZest’s work with Hyundai, allows automotive retail to move beyond the traditional showroom or car lot. With digital, brands can share the full range of automotive options within a very small footprint, such as a shopping center or more traditional high street retail space. Digital offers an endless aisle (or endless garage) solution to customers as they browse stock availability, compare attributes that are important to the buyer, such as fuel efficiency or customizable features. This information can be shown on screens in the showroom, accessed via touch or, via QR code, the shopper’s personal device.

Digital gives larger scale retailers a more relevant and integrated marketing channel. When petrol prices are high(er), an integrated digital solution can automatically promote the more fuel-efficient models or convertibles during a heatwave or perhaps seven seaters for those summer holiday road trips. Displayed messages can be created by the brand head office but triggered at a local level depending on variables such as weather, local holidays, the prices at the pump or even who is in store. Local messages can also be deployed to support community efforts, charity fundraisers or local holidays. With digital, brands can be truly creative in their execution, using screens and sensory technology to not only promote products but also share every possible car configuration with customers – from paint finishes to that new car smell.

So that’s just some of what digital can offer in the front of house of the dealership. Behind the scenes, in offices and break rooms, digitals can help with staff communication. Sales figures can be shown, internal news and best practices shared as well as congratulatory notices to celebrate staff accomplishments or birthdays. Used as part of an internal communications strategy, digital can boost staff morale and create a more cohesive and motivated team.

Creating compelling digital experiences at scale is what Scala does best and we have worked across a variety of automotive brands to create a customer experience that not only engages shoppers but also gives brands key insights to hone marketing strategies and build their business. If you’re an automotive brand curious about the way Scala could accelerate your brand (I couldn’t resist) then get in touch.

Written by Darren Cremins

Senior Sales Director UK and Ireland

Scala Inc.

Darren has spent his career working in technology and helping businesses achieve their goals with creative, flexible and scalable digital solutions. In his role at Scala, Darren focuses on using not only the Scala solutions, but the complete STRATACACHE family of solutions to create audience, award and business-winning digital solutions across a variety of verticals.