Posnania shopping center opened in October 2016, Scala partner SQM Digital Signage company installed over one hundred most modern multimedia devices. The supplied solution is primarily spectacular LED screens, including Europe’s largest elliptical transparent screen. The installation consists of interactive video walls and tablets. The management system of Digital Signage is carried out with the use of Scala software.

Shopping mall with a lot of stores and bright digital screens


Over one hundred multimedia devices


LED screen of almost 100 square meters and a transparency of 90%


7 video walls equipped with a Kinect complemented by the camera showing on the screens scenes from the shopping mall


The management system of Digital Signage is carried out with the use of Scala software

The largest and Most Modern Commercial Buildings

Posnania Center is one of the largest and most modern commercial buildings in East-central Europe. There were dozens of facilities and services prepared for customers who use new technologies, e.g. a system of screens implemented by SQM Digital Signage.

An elliptical LED screen

The most unique solution is an elliptical LED screen suspended in the Atrium with surface of almost 100 square meters and a transparency of 90%. It is the largest construction in Europe and the only one of an elliptical shape and clarity allowing to see the displayed content from student residences near Posnania Center.

In the Rotunda, there was applied a semi-circular LED screen creating an impressive arc, ended with two-side free-standing multimedia totem. Sync of all screens surfaces allows you to display content including two levels of the Center and offering a variety of experiences depending on where the customer stands. In addition, in the totem there are placed two touch screens allowing to take a Selfie photo, which can be displayed on a large LED screen.


System of screens is managed remotely through the SCALA platform, which for more than 25 years has supported the most interactive and most innovative Digital Signage projects worldwide.

In the installation, there were applied reputable hardware solutions, such as Public Display NEC monitors, DELL computers, ELO TOUCH tablets or KRAMER equipment.

Posnania is a new place on the map of shops and lifestyles spots in Poznan. The whole concept has been prepared and designed for people. We have implemented the whole spectrum of the latest technologies here. One of them is multimedia screens with more other media. ThinkThank APSYS LAB in cooperation with SQM Company from Posnań were in charge of the implementation. From today’s perspective, we can say that it was a very good choice.
Agnieszka Juszkis
Marketing Director

about Posnania Shopping Centre

Posnania is a place like no other. It combines commercial and entertainment functions and offers a wide range of active leisure options, as well as facilities where visitors can work. The area of 100 thousand m2 accommodates 220 boutique shops, 40 cafés and restaurants and 40 medium-sized and large stores. Posnania offers an exceptional mix of local and international brands and combines individual concept stories of popular and renowned designers. In a specially designed premium zone, shoppers will also find nearly twenty luxury brands offering clothing, accessories and jewelry.