Hunkemöller is a household name in multiple countries. With 180 stores in the Netherlands and 100 in Belgium and Luxembourg, Hunkemöller is the market leader in the Benelux. The experience in the latest flagship store is unique with a surprising combination of picture, sound, light and even scent!



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Interactive Fitting Room


Touchscreen with exciting content


Integration of picture, sound, light and scent

Hunkemöller sets trends

Hunkemöller is a household name in multiple countries. With 180 stores in the Netherlands and 100 in Belgium and Luxembourg, Hunkemöller is market leader in the Benelux. So the internationally renowned lingerie chain was keen to go the extra mile.

Hunkemöller has opened high-profile flagship stores around Europe, recently in Maastricht and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. What made these stores a success? A well thought-out concept that’s perfectly supported by some great technical features.

Unique Experience

More than ever before, customers are looking for an experience, for feelings and emotions. The online aspect is practical and certainly important, but will never match up to what the physical store can offer: a stimulation of all the senses!

The experience fitting room is the perfect example of this. Using a touch screen, customers can adjust the entire ambience in the fitting room.

Experience fitting room

The unique customer experience has been a great success, partly by the use of Scala technology and cooperation with DOBIT.

Naturally there’s a lot of technology behind it, but there’s much more than that. Everything fits together perfectly: pink swinging doors, a fitting room bell and a soft carpet. The lighting and sound complete the effect.

We are proud that Scala is a part of the very successful Hunkemöller store concept. By combining digital signage with interactivity, sound, lighting and scent DOBIT created an unbelievable and personalized customer journey. This resulted in a perfect combination of useful and powerful technology and a very impressive shop experience.
Harry Horn
General Manager EMEA & VP Marketing Global at Scala

about Hunkemöller

Hunkemöller was founded in 1886, in Amsterdam, by Wilhelm Hunkemöller and his wife Josephina Lexis. Hunkemöller is an originally Dutch company and the largest high-street lingerie brand of the Benelux. With some 4,000 employees and more than 800 stores in 23 countries, Hunkemöller is rapidly expanding throughout Europe. You can currently find our stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Spain, Aruba, Curaçao, Russia, Sweden, Austria, Morocco and Bahrein. Hunkemöller has developed a OmniChannel strategy for expanding its operations through new stores, shop-in-shops, e-commerce and international franchising.