Scala digital signage software delivers unique content created by VISUALAB to the largest fine pitch LED video wall in the UK at Bristol Airport, a budding travel hub that sees 8.1 million passengers a year.

Bristol Airport Main Image


Five million pixel LED video wall


Powered by a single media player


Promotes an active marketing calendar year round


Displays unique content developed by VISUALAB Media


Supports large- and small-scale campaigns


Won “Best Transport Install or Campaign” by the DailyDOOH in 2017

Why Scala?

Bristol Airport utilized Scala as the digital signage software provider for their LED video wall because of the capabilities, features and flexibility of the system. Scala software gave Bristol Airport’s marketing team the ability to easily customize existing templates for seasonal marketing campaigns. The team is able to use the digital wall to promote the active marketing calendar including large- and small-scale campaigns, all while ensuring the integrity of Bristol Airport’s branding is upheld.


With the software and LED screen technology already decided, Bristol Airport set out to enlist the help of a creative studio to unlock the full potential of the screen’s five million pixels. VISUALAB Media, who already had a close relationship with Scala and is a certified partner, was contracted to concept and shoot a multitude of campaigns with a variety of content for the LED video wall experience.

VISUALAB created several campaigns to cover a wide array of requirements from Bristol Airport from informing guests about popular destinations and highlighting different parts of the local community through stories, to entertaining travelers, a valuable aspect of their travel experience. The “Sense of Place” campaign featured a paper airplane released by a child exploring the southwestern UK and flying past various landmarks and places of interest with vivid imagery.

“Destinations” highlighted Bristol Airport’s top 20 destinations with night and day images linked in real-time, flight path information and current weather forecast. “Amazing Journeys” focused on telling the stories of local residents in “a day in the life of” format in stunning 4K quality. “Theatre” captured the imagination of guests by using abstract art to show Bristol’s rich heritage in aviation history.

Final Results and Bristol Airport Moving Forward

Scala software was used to deliver content to the largest fine pitch LED video wall in the UK – the airport’s 14m x 2.5m digital wall by infiLED EM International. Located in the security hall, the LED video wall measured 5,760 x 960 pixels for a total of five million pixels and supported 4K video and is powered by a single player.

The 2.5mm pitch front-service LED video wall displayed unique content developed by VISUALAB Media to connect with passengers three ways – relating the Bristol Airport brand, passengers’ existing location and their upcoming destinations.

The LED video wall allows guests traveling to and from Bristol to experience a wide array of content that creates a memorable moment for their trip while sparking influence for future expenditures. Bristol Airport has seen firsthand the success of the LED video wall through customer engagement. The LED video wall also gained Bristol Airport industry notoriety by winning “Best Transport Install or Campaign” by the DailyDOOH in 2017. VISUALAB is also continuing to create new campaign content for the Bristol Airport Screen focused on destinations and holidays, as well as new local content for the community of Bristol.

"To make the playlist more dynamic and less repetitive, Scala’s scheduling ability allows us to pull different variations of content from buckets of categorized content – we’re keeping viewers engaged even as dwell times increase. Scala also allows very relevant content to play at specific times. For example, there is a content frame that automatically plays around the edge of the display on chosen days throughout the year specific to that day, like Mother’s Day"
Matt Cole Founder & Creative Director at VISUALAB Media Ltd.

about Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport is the ninth busiest airport in the UK and the fifth largest outside London. In 2018 approximately 8.7 million passengers will use the Airport. Planning approvals are already in place for facilities to handle up to ten million passengers per annum. Direct flights operate to over 125 direct destina- tions across 31 countries and with frequent daily flights to the main European hub air- ports providing onward world-wide connec- tions. £160 million has been invested in pas- senger facilities at the Airport since 2012. Work has now begun on an updated Master Plan looking to the future and the mid- 2040’s which will consider how best to meet growing demand for air travel to and from the South West and South Wales region.