London, United Kingdom

Peerless 2021

September 16-17

Introducing a new AV Experience from Peerless-AV, a one-off, one-of-a-kind opportunity for the professional AV industry to meet face-to-face and exhibit the latest innovations to an audience of installers, integrators and end-users in a world-renowned sports venue. There will be indoor and outdoor showcases from all the major vendors in the AV and digital signage space.

Scala - EuroShop - Activate Interactive Product Discovery

Activate interactive product discovery

Incrementally modernize your store footprint, while creating a personalized experience for customers. Balance self-service offerings with human interactions through assisted selling tools. Increase your return on digital investment by monetizing screen content, prioritizing brand placement on digital shelves and featuring dynamic advertising content.

Euroshop Personalization End-To-End Shopping Experience

Personalize end-to-end shopping experiences

Show current and forecasted in-store offerings using our touchscreen displays and commercial-grade tablets.

Scala - EuroShop - E-Commerce Experience in Store

Deliver an e-commerce experience in store

Transform traditional retail gondola shelves into an interactive shopping experience. Gather sensor-based insights about shoppers, delivering the convenience and personalization of online shopping into the store. Touchscreen display shelves facilitate product discovery and mobile coupon checks while mobile app integration can tie to loyalty programs.